What's New?


  • A new method to modify an attribute of a subnet is now available. For more information, see ModifySubnetAttribute.
  • The InstanceInitiatedShutdownBehavior attribute can now modified whether the instance is running or stopped. For more information, see ModifyInstanceAttribute.


  • A new method to authenticate your account is now available. For more information, see AuthenticateAccount.


  • New methods to use a DirectLink connection with different accounts are now available. The AllocatePrivateVirtualInterface method enables you to provision a DirectLink connection to another Outscale user through the creation of a private virtual interface in their account. Conversely, the ConfirmPrivateVirtualInterface method enables you to use the DirectLink connection of another Outscale user who has created a private virtual interface in your account. For more information, see AllocatePrivateVirtualInterface and ConfirmPrivateVirtualInterface.