This page lists all available security updates to fix the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, sorted by operating system of the Outscale machine images (OMIs) of your instances. For more information, see the official Meltdown attack documentation.

These updates are valid for all Regions of the Outscale Cloud.


In each procedure, we recommend to stop and start your instance instead of performing a soft-reboot ($> shutdown -r 0). For more information, see Stopping and Starting Instances.

OMI Operating System

Spectre - version 1


Spectre - version 2




Ubuntu 14.04

No official update available now: please monitor Official Advisories.

Linux Centos 6
Linux Centos 7
DockerSee Ubuntu 14.04See Ubuntu 14.04See Ubuntu 14.04
Microsoft Windows server 2012 R2
Microsoft Windows 2016
Microsoft Windows server 2016See Windows 2016See Windows 2016See Windows 2016

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