Cockpit is a web interface developed by Outscale that enables you to easily create and manage your resources in Outscale Cloud.

The following subjects are dicussed:

General Information and Access

Cockpit web interface enables you to create and manage Cloud resources in your account by sending the corresponding API requests to the Cloud. When creating an Outscale account, an access to Cockpit is provided too.


When connecting for the first time to Cockpit, you need to reset your password using the "I forgot my password" link.

Cockpit is compatible with the following web browsers: 

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge


    Cockpit is not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

Each Outscale Region has its own Cockpit web interface, that you can access using the following URLs:

For more information about Outscale Regions, see About Regions, Endpoints, and Availability Zones and Regions, Endpoints and Availability Zones Reference.

This User Guide includes the procedures using Cockpit. The table in the Available Features section below provides links to the different documentation sections depending on the resources or elements you are working with.


Some features are only available from the API and are not yet implemented in Cockpit.


The Cockpit Homepage provides:

  • A Cloud overview that displays information about your resources per type. You can click:
  • A general overview of your consumption for the current month. For more information about your consumption, see Getting Information About Your Resource Consumption.
    Information is displayed in colored circles. You can hover over a colored area to get more information about your resources, or filter it:

    • To isolate a resource or a type of resource, click the different parts of the circles. 
    • To navigate to a previous level, click an inner circle or in the center of the circle. 
    • To return to the general consumption overview, click the consumption circle. 

  • Your quotas per resource. Information is displayed in percentages. For more information about your quotas, see Getting Information About Your Account and Quotas.

  • A Twitter feed of the latest publications from Outscale.

User Interface Presentation

The command to switch between IaaS and PaaS sections.

The name associated with your account, that enables you to sign out and to access your account management page. For more information, see Cockpit.

The Region of your account. You can access the Cockpit interface for other Outscale Regions from this drop-down menu.


Even if your account is synchronized with another Region, you need to login again with your corresponding credentials when switching Regions from Cockpit. For more information, see About Your Outscale Account.

A link to Outscale Support web interface, where you can open tickets to our Support team in case of issue with your account and Cloud resources.

A link to Outscale documentation.

The navigation panel, that enables you to navigate through the different tabs to manage your Cloud resources.

The current tab, from which you can create and manage the corresponding resources.

Available Features

The following table lists the main actions you can do from Cockpit:

Cockpit SectionsCloud Resources or ElementsAvailable FeaturesLink to Documentation
IaaSInstancesLaunch and manage instances:
  • Launch predefined or custom instances
  • Modify your instances and manage their lifecycle
  • See the console output
  • Get the administrator password for Windows instances
  • Create and manage keypairs to use for your instances
Outscale Machine Images (OMIs)See, create and manage OMIs:
  • Get information about available offficial OMIs
  • Create your own OMIs and share them
  • Delete your OMIs
Outscale Machine Images (OMIs)
Volumes and snapshotsCreate and manage your volumes and snapshots:
  • Create Magnetic (standard), Performance (gp2) and Enterprise (io1) volumes
  • Attach volumes to instances, and detach them when needed
  • Create snaspshots of a volume
  • Create OMIs or volumes from a snapshot
  • Share your snapshots
  • Delete your volumes and snapshots
Block Storage Unit (BSU)
External IP addresses (EIPs)Manage External IP addresses (EIPs):
  • Allocate EIPs to your account, and release them when needed
  • Associate EIPs with instances
  • Disassociate EIPs from instances
External IP Addresses (EIPs)
Security groupsCreate and manage security groups:
  • Create security groups for the public Cloud or for a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Specify the security groups to use when launching an instance, or create one
  • Add or remove security group rules for inbound and outbound flows
  • Delete your security groups when needed
Security Groups
Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)Create and manage your VPCs and their associated resources:
  • Create VPCs with the CIDR block of your choice
  • Create subnets within your VPCs
  • Create Internet gateways and attach them to your VPCs
  • Create route tables that you can associate with your subnets and manage their route
  • Set the main route table for a VPC
  • Enable or disable route propagation
  • Create and manage NAT gateways
  • Delete your VPCs and their associated resources when needed
Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)

Create and manage your load balancers:

  • Create Internet-facing and internal load balancers
  • Manage SSL certificates and configure load balancers for SSL termination
  • Register and deregister back-end instances
  • Configure health checks
  • Enable access logs
Load Balancing Unit (LBU)
VPN connections

Create and manage your VPN connections:

  • Create and manage virtual private gateways and customer gateways
  • Create a VPN connection for a VPC
  • Get the configuration file of your VPN connection
VPN Connections_OLD
TagsTag your resources from the corresponding tab.Tagging Your Resources
PaaSBig Data Platforms

Create and manage your MapR platforms:

  • Deploy MapR platforms
  • Get information about them
  • Delete your platforms

Data Platform as a Service

AllAccess keysCreate, get and manage your access keys for your account.Managing Access Keys
AccountManage your account information and your Cockpit password.Account Management

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