What's New?

  • You can now use an existing instance as a template to launch another instance with the same attributes. For more information, see Launching an Instance Using an Existing Instance as a Template.

  • You can now use Cockpit to copy an Outscale machine image (OMI) within the same Region as your account. For more information, see Copying an OMI Within One Region.

  • New types of instances equipped with the v5 "Skylake" Intel processor are now available: tinav5.cXrY type for custom instances, or m5 and c5 types for preconfigured instances. For more information, see Instance Types.

  • A glossary of item lines on Outscale invoices is now available. For more information, see Billing Glossary
  • User data tags enable you to manage the placement of your instances and the IP addresses associated with them. For more information, see User Data Tags Reference

  • Two new features are now available on Cockpit: 

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