You can use AWS CLI to manage your Outscale Cloud, which requires a specific configuration.

AWS CLI is a command line interface (CLI) released by Amazon Web Services™ for Linux, macOS and Windows. It is fully compatible with the Outscale Cloud, and enables you to manage your Cloud resources using a terminal on your computer. 

The CLI is a text-based user interface. To use API calls, you need to interact with the system by typing specified command lines in response to visual prompts. For more information about AWS CLI, see the official AWS documentation. For more information about command lines, see the AWS Command Reference.

Before you begin:

  1. Install AWS CLI. For more information, see the official AWS CLI documentation.

  2. In a terminal of your machine, use the following command:

    $> aws configure
  3. To configure AWS CLI with the Outscale Cloud, set up your account with the following attributes:

    • AWS Access Key ID: Your Outscale Access Key. 
    • AWS Secret Access Key: Your Outscale Secret Key. 
    • Default region name: The name of the Outscale Cloud Region you want to use. For more information, see Regions, Endpoints and Availability Zones Reference.
    • Default output format: This attribute must be set to json.

    For more information, see the official AWS CLI documentation.

    AWS CLI configuration sets a default profile. It is recommended to create a named profile, using the --profile attribute following this syntax:

    $> aws configure --profile YOUR_PROFILE

  • To send a request to Outscale APIs, specify every time:
    • The named profile using the --profile attribute, if you created one when configuring AWS CLI. 

    • The endpoint using the --endpoint attribute. For more information, see Regions, Endpoints and Availability Zones Reference.

      You need to specify the endpoint in each request, even though you set it as the default Region when configuring your profile. Otherwise, an error is returned. It is recommended to set up a named profile for each Region you want to use.
    Request sample
    $> aws ec2 describe-instances \
    	--profile YOUR_PROFILE \

Tutorial: Getting Started with the Outscale Cloud Using AWS CLI

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