You can manage your resources in the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud using different application programming interfaces (APIs).

Other tools are also available to manage your resources, including the web interface Cockpit. For more information, see Cloud Tools.

The following topics are discussed: 


3DS OUTSCALE exposes its public API. This API is the primary mean to manage your resources in the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud, as all 3DS OUTSCALE features are developed for this API first.

The 3DS OUTSCALE API is accessible from a single endpoint for all services.

To access the documentation for the 3DS OUTSCALE API, click here.

AWS-Compliant APIs

3DS OUTSCALE also provides APIs that are compliant with Amazon Web Services (AWS). These APIs are accessible from different endpoints depending on the service.

For more information about call compatibilities between the APIs developed by 3DS OUTSCALE and the APIs developed by AWS, see AWS Compatibility Matrix.

To access the documentation for the AWS-compliant APIs, click here.

Differences in Resource Names

Some resources use different names in AWS APIs than in the 3DS OUTSCALE API. The following table presents the differences.

3DS OUTSCALE ResourceCorresponding AWS Resource
client gatewaycustomer gateway
DirectLinkDirect Connect connection
DirectLink interfaceprivate virtual interface
Internet serviceinternet gateway
keypairkey pair
NAT serviceNAT gateway
NetVirtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Net access pointVPC endpoint
Net peering connectionVPC peering connection
network interface card (NIC)elastic network interface (ENI)
SubregionAvailability Zone (AZ)
virtual gatewayvirtual private gateway
virtual machine (VM)instance

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