What's New?

August 2, 2021 (eu-west-2) / July 19, 2021 (us-west-1) / July 20, 2021 (us-east-2) / July 19, 2021 (ap-northeast-1)

  • A new feature, the API access policy, is now available in beta version. The API access policy provides you with additional security options for authentication. For example, it can be used to activate a trusted session to simplify the authentication process if you have API access rules with Certificate Authorities (CAs). For more information, About API Access Policy.

  • In the OUTSCALE API, authentication by email and password is now available for the methods that pertain to the following resources: access keys, API access policy, API access rules and certificate authorities (CA). For more information, see the Authentication section.

  • The CreateLoadBalancerPolicy OUTSCALE API method now supports the CookieExpirationPeriod parameter.

  • The CreationDate parameter is now returned in the following OUTSCALE API methods: CreateVms, ReadVms and UpdateVm.

June 7, 2021 (eu-west-2) / May 31, 2021 (us-west-1) / June 1, 2021 (us-east-2) / May 31, 2021 (ap-northeast-1)

  • The ReadConsumptionAccount OUTSCALE API method now returns the following parameters: AccountId, PayingAccountId and SubregionName.
  • You can now modify the SecurityGroups attribute of a load balancer (only in a Net) with the UpdateLoadBalancer OUTSCALE API method.
  • You can now modify the Iops and VolumeType attributes of a volume with the UpdateVolume OUTSCALE API method.

March 22, 2021 (eu-west-2) / March 15, 2021 (us-west-1) / March 16, 2021 (us-east-2) / March 15, 2021 (ap-northeast-1)

  • The following OUTSCALE API methods now support new filters: