The following page on Cockpit enables you to create and manage your Customer Master Keys (CMKs) and display information about them:

For more information about CMKs, see About Outscale Key Management Service (OKMS).

You can also get information about your resources using OSC CLI. For more information, see Getting Information About Your CMKs.

CMKs Page

The state of the CMK.

Hover over the colored dot for more information about a state.

The origin of the CMK.

The Outscale Resource Name (ORN) of the CMK. For more information, see Resource Identifiers in the EIM section.

The ID of the CMK. This ID is unique and automatically created.

The description of the CMK, which you can add when creating it. For more information, see Creating a CMK.

If true, the CMK is enabled. If false, it is disabled.

The date and time when the CMK was created.

The date and time when the CMK will be deleted.

Further information about the CMK:

  • Key Manager: The manager of the CMK (alwaysCUSTOMER ).
  • Key Usage: The intended use of the CMK (always ENCRYPT_DECRYPT).
  • Alias: The alias of the owner of the CMK.
  • Tag(s): One or more tags associated with the CMK.