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Subscribing to the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud

To subscribe to our services, click the following link: Subscription.

What's New?

  • A Quickstart page is now available for first-time readers.

  • In the Expert Mode of instance launch, the assignment of a keypair is no longer mandatory.

  • In the Cockpit settings, you can now set a default keypair that will be preselected when launching new instances.

  • You can now download the details of your consumption in the .csv or .json formats. For more information, see Getting Information About Your Resource Consumption.

August 12, 2019 (eu-west-2) / August 5, 2019 (us-west-1) / August 6, 2019 (us-east-2) / August 5, 2019 (cn-southeast-1)

July 8, 2019 (eu-west-2) / July 1, 2019 (us-west 1) / July 2, 2019 (us-east-2) / July 1, 2019 (cn-southeast-1)

  • Listener ports of load balancers now support all values between 1 and 65535, both included.
  • The TLS 1.0 protocol is no longer supported on load balancers created or modified after this release.

June 10, 2019 (eu-west-2) / June 3, 2019 (us-west-1) / June 4, 2019 (us-east-2) / June 3, 2019 (cn-southeast-1)

  • Tags are now supported for NAT gateways, VPC peering connections, VPC endpoints and export tasks. 
  • The ModifyImageAttribute method now supports the Description attribute. 

Available Guides

Provides detailed information about our products and features and how to use them.

This guide explains all the concepts and provides all the information you need to know to use our products. You can find information about how to use the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud with our web interface Cockpit, and AWS CLI. For each feature, a link to the corresponding API method documentation is also provided.

For more information about the features available from Cockpit and how to access it, see About Cockpit. For more information about how to install and configure AWS CLI for the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud, see Installing and Configuring AWS CLI.

English only

Provides documentation for each 3DS OUTSCALE API, and an AWS compatibility matrix.

To directly access the AWS-compliant API documentation, click the following link: http://docs.outscale.com/

To directly access the 3DS OUTSCALE API documentation, click the following link: http://docs-beta.outscale.com/

English only

Provides technical information to advanced users.

This guide contains best practices, documentation about advanced tools to use the Cloud and third-party software that you may need for some use cases, and procedures and tips about how to get the most of our Cloud.