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Subscribing to the OUTSCALE Cloud

To subscribe to our services, click the following link: Subscription.

What's New?

March 27, 2020

  • NEW Added a new option: Resource search and filtering

On your different Cockpit pages, new filters have been added to resource columns to filter data fields. 

With this new option, you can quickly create your own filters and customize your search results.

For more information: Cockpit User Interface

December 31, 2019

  • FEATURE Added a new service: OKMS

OUTSCALE Key Management Service (OKMS), your new key management service, is now available in your Cockpit interface!    

OKMS allows you to create, manage, and control your encryption keys. 

For more information: About OUTSCALE Key Management Service (OKMS)

February 8, 2021 (eu-west-2) / February 1, 2021 (us-west-1) / February 2, 2021 (us-east-2) / February 1, 2021 (cn-southeast-1)

December 28, 2020 (eu-west-2) / December 21, 2020 (us-west-1) / December 22, 2020 (us-east-2) / December 21, 2020 (cn-southeast-1)

  • This release includes stability and error message improvements.

November 23, 2020 (eu-west-2) / November 16, 2020 (us-west-1) / November 17, 2020 (us-east-2) / November 16, 2020 (cn-southeast-1)

  • You can now restrict your account's access to the APIs to specific IP ranges and Client Certificate Authorities (CAs). For more information, see the ApiAccessRule methods and the Ca methods.

  • The OUTSCALE Key Management Service (OKMS) service can now be used with the OUTSCALE API. For more information, see the MasterKey methods.

  • You can now increase the size of a volume via the following OUTSCALE API method: UpdateVolume.
  • In the Internal Call Unit (ICU) API, the CreateAccessKey, GetAccessKey and ListAccessKeys methods now return the expirationDate parameter.

Available Guides

Provides detailed information about our products and features and how to use them.

This guide explains all the concepts and provides all the information you need to know to use our products. You can find information about how to use the OUTSCALE Cloud with our web interface Cockpit, OSC CLI and AWS CLI. For each feature, a link to the corresponding API method documentation is also provided.

For more information about the features available from Cockpit and how to access it, see About Cockpit.

For more information about how to install and configure OSC CLI and AWS CLI for the OUTSCALE Cloud, see respectively Installing and Configuring OSC CLI and Installing and Configuring AWS CLI.

English only

Provides documentation for each OUTSCALE API, and an AWS compatibility matrix.

To directly access the API documentation, click the following link: http://docs.outscale.com/

English only

Provide technical information to advanced users.

These guides contain best practices, documentation about advanced tools to use the Cloud and third-party software that you may need for some use cases, and procedures and tips about how to get the most of our Cloud.

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