You can extend the storage capacity of an existing volume without losing the data stored on it. To do so, you need to detach the volume from the instance, increase its size, reattach it to the instance, and then configure the partition of the volume.

You can resize any volume, whether it is the root device where the operating system of the instance is installed, or a secondary volume of the instance.

This procedure contains the following steps: 

Increase the Size of the Volume

  1. Detach the volume from the instance. For more information, see Detaching a Volume from an Instance.

  2. Update the size of the volume. For more information, see the UpdateVolume method in the documentation of the 3DS OUTSCALE API.

  3. Reattach the volume to the instance. For more information, Attaching a Volume to an Instance.

Configure the Partition in Your Instance

  1. (root device only) Restart the instance to which the volume is attached. For more information, see Stopping and Starting Instances
  2. Connect to the instance. For more information, see Accessing a Windows Instance

  3. Click the Start menu and type diskmgmt.msc

  4. Right-click the volume and select Extend volume
    The Extend Volume Wizard appears.

  5. Keep the default information and click Next. 

  6. Click Finish to validate. 
    The volume is configured, and its partition appears in the Disk Management list. 

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