You can manage your 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud resources using OSC CLI, a command-line interface (CLI) developed by 3DS OUTSCALE.

OSC CLI is compatible with the 3DS OUTSCALE API and all our AWS-compliant APIs.

You can also use Cockpit or AWS CLI. For more information about using Cockpit and AWS CLI, see Tutorial: Getting Started with the 3DS OUTSCALE Cloud.

The following procedures are available:

Installing OSC CLI

Before you begin: You need to install Python 3.5 or later on your machine. For more information, see the official Python website.

To install from the official PyPI package, launch the following command in your terminal: 

$ pip3 install osc-sdk

To install from source, see official OSC CLI repository.

Configuring OSC CLI

  1. Create the file ~/.osc_sdk/config.json with the following content: 

        {"access_key": "",
         "secret_key": "",
         "host": "",
         "https": true,
         "method": "POST",
         "region_name": "eu-west-2",
         "version": "2018-11-19"

    Leave the access_key and secret_key values empty at this stage.

  2. To get your access key ID and corresponding secret key, use the ListAccessKeys command following this syntax: 

    Request Sample
    $ osc-cli icu ListAccessKeys \
      --authentication-method password \
      --login \
      --password Y0URpAssOrd

    This command contains the following attributes that you need to specify: 

    • authentication-method: For this first call, this attribute must be password.
    • login: The email address of your 3DS OUTSCALE account.
    • password: The password of your 3DS OUTSCALE account.

    The ListAccessKeys command returns several elements, including the following: 

    • accessKeyId: The ID of the access key.
    • secretAccessKey: The secret key corresponding to the access key.

  3. Insert the values of your access key ID and corresponding secret key in the config.json file.
    You can now execute any API call using OSC CLI.


To send a request using OSC CLI, specify in your command:

  • One of the supported APIs (api for the 3DS OUTSCALE API, or fcu, lbu, eimicudirectlink or okms).
  • The call you request.
  • Any other attribute required by the command.

Request Sample
$ osc-cli api CreateVolume \
   --SubregionName eu-west-2a \
   --Size 10

If you need to pass a numeral string instead of an integer (for example: "12345678" with the quotes as part of the string), you must wrap your string in additional quotes ('"12345678"').

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