You can modify the attributes of an Outscale machine image (OMI), such as its description or permissions.

You can also share a private OMI that you created, or that you copied, with one or more users within the same Region. Sharing an OMI with other users means that they can access this OMI and create similar instances from it. You can copy an OMI that another user shared with you, provided both accounts are in the same Region. You can also share a copy you created from a shared OMI with other users. For more information, see Copying an OMI.

You can manage who can access an OMI by adding or removing permissions. To get information about users who have permission for an OMI, see Getting Information About Your OMIs > Getting Information About an Attribute of an OMI.

The following procedures are available:

Modifying the Description of an OMI Using Cockpit

  1. Click Compute > Outscale Machine Images.

  2. Click the OMI whose description you want to modify. 
    The OMI is selected.

  3. Click Modify .
    The MODIFY DESCRIPTION dialog box appears.

  4. Modify the description in the text field.

  5. Click Modify to validate.
    The description of the OMI is modified.

Managing Permissions for an OMI Using Cockpit

  1. Click Compute > Outscale Machine Images.

  2. Click the OMI you want to share.
    The OMI is selected.

  3. Click Permissions .
    The OMI PERMISSIONS dialog box appears.

    A list of the account IDs of the users that are allowed to use the OMI is displayed, if any.

  4. To share the OMI with one or more users, type their account IDs separated by a comma in the Account ID field.

    To remove the permissions for a user:

    1. Select one or more account IDs.
    2. Click Remove to validate.
  5. Click Share to validate.
    The OMI is shared with the users you specified.

Corresponding API Method

Modifying the Attributes of an OMI Using AWS CLI

  • To modify the attributes of an OMI and add or remove permissions, use the modify-image-attribute command following this syntax:

    Request sample
    $> aws ec2 modify-image-attribute \
        --profile YOUR_PROFILE \
        --description NOT_SPECIFIED \
        --image-id ami-12345678 \
        --launch-permission "{\"Add\":[{\"UserId\":\"123456789000\"},{\"UserId\":\"123456789001\"}]}" \

    This command contains the following attributes that you need to specify:

    • (optional) profile: The named profile you want to use, created when configuring AWS CLI. For more information, see Installing and Configuring AWS CLI.

    • image-id: The ID of the OMI.
    • (optional) description: The new description of the OMI.
    • (optional) launch-permissions: One or more permissions to access and use the OMI. This attribute requires at least one of the following elements:
      • Add: One or more permissions to add. To add permissions for one or more users, use the UserId element. 
      • Remove: One or more permissions to remove. To remove permissions from one or more users, use the UserId element.

      You cannot modify both the description and the launch-permissions attributes in the same command.

    • endpoint: The endpoint corresponding to the Region you want to send the request to.

    The attributes of the OMI are modified.

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