You can request a DirectLink connection to connect your network to a specified DirectLink location, where you must have a router or a fiber-optic cable linked to your network. This connection then enables you to reach your resources in the whole Region associated with this location. If your resources are placed in only one Availability Zone (AZ) of a Region, we recommend to create a connection between your network and the corresponding location to reduce latency.

Once you request the connection, 3DS OUTSCALE sends you a Letter of Authorization (LOA) by email to allow you to connect to the corresponding DirectLink router. You must then configure the connection with one or more private virtual interfaces to access your Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) using the DirectLink connection.

The following procedures are available:

Requesting a Connection Using Cockpit

  1. Click Network/Security > Direct Link.
  2. Click Create .
    The CREATE CONNECTION dialog box appears.

  3. In the Name field, type the name of the connection. 

  4. From the Location list, select the location code for the connection. For more information, see Getting Information About DirectLink Locations.
  5. From the Speed list, select the bandwidth for the connection.
  6. Click Create to validate.
    The request for the connection is sent to 3DS OUTSCALE and appears on the Direct Link page.

Requesting a Connection Using AWS CLI

  • To request a connection, use the create-connection command following this syntax:

    Request sample
    $ aws directconnect create-connection \
        --profile YOUR_PROFILE \
        --location PAR1 \
        --bandwidth 1Gbps \
        --connection-name Connection to Outscale \

     This command contains the following attributes that you need to specify:

    • profile: Your AWS CLI profile you created when installing it.
    • location: The code of the requested location for the connection. For more information, see Getting Information About DirectLink Locations.
    • bandwidth: The bandwidth for the connection (1Gbps or 10Gbps).
    • connection-name: The name of the connection.
    • endpoint: The endpoint corresponding to the Region you want to send the request to.

The create-connection command returns the following elements:

    • ownerAccount: The account ID of the owner of the requested connection.
    • connectionID: The ID of the connection.
    • connectionState: The state of the connection. For more information, see About DirectLink.
    • bandwidth: The bandwidth for the connection (1 Gbps or 10 Gbps).
    • location: The location where the connection is located.
    • connectionName: The name of the connection.
    • region: The Region where the connection is located.
  • Result sample
        "ownerAccount": "123456789000",
        "connectionId": "dxcon-12345678",
        "connectionState": "requested",
        "bandwidth": "1Gbps",
        "location": "PAR1",
        "connectionName": "Connection to Outscale",
        "region": "eu-west-2"

    The connection request is sent to 3DS OUTSCALE.

Corresponding API Method
Tutorial: Setting Up a DirectLink Connection for a Virtual Private Cloud

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