Where are my SSH keys (keypairs) stored after launching an instance?  

Most instances, including those launched using an official OMI, require a keypair. The public part of the keypair is stored by 3DS OUTSCALE, and is only available in the metadata of the instance. However, its private part is never provided to 3DS OUTSCALE. Save it carefully, as it cannot be retrieved if lost. For more information, see About Keypairs > Public and Private Parts.

Are there firewalls besides my custom security groups?  

Yes, security groups enable you to manage flows on a software firewall. Besides security groups, firewalls included in the 3DS OUTSCALE IaaS solution filter a number of inbound flows. 

How can I get my SSH keys (keypairs)?  

Your keypairs are available in the Keypairs page in Cockpit, or through the AWS CLI. For more information, see Keypairs User Interface or Getting Information About Your Keypairs.

For more information about how to generate a new keypair, see Creating a Keypair or Importing a Keypair.

How can I connect to my instances using SSH?  

All official OMIs use keypairs as their authentication system. To connect to an instance launched from an official OMI, you need to use the keypair assigned when creating it. For more information, see Accessing Your Instances and About Keypairs.

Non-official OMIs can use any authentication system. To connect to an instance launched from a non-official OMI, you need to check which system is required.

Why can I not access an instance I just created?  

You may have trouble accessing newly-launched instances. This is because all inbound flows are blocked by default for optimal security, and for this reason, instances do not respond to connection requests such as ping, telnet, or ssh. The following error message is returned:

ssh: connect to host xxx.xx.xx.xxx

port 22: Operation timed out.

To access an instance, you thus need to add a rule to its security groups to authorize the connection. For more information, see Accessing Your Instances

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