Terraform is a high-level tool developed by HashiCorp to orchestrate different Cloud providers infrastructure with a single description language.

3DS OUTSCALE is actively working on its own plugin to be integrated as a Provider for Terraform. This plugin is based on our own API, whose documentation you can find here.

3DS OUTSCALE also provides AWS-compliant APIs with which you might be able to use another implemented Provider, although support is limited.

For more information about Terraform, see the official Terraform website.

Service Status


You can access the current development of our plugin on GitHub, in the outscale-dev/terraform-provider-outscale public repository.

Before you begin, carefully read the README for configuration details. A preliminary version of the plugin documentation is located in the /website/docs/ folder. You can also open issues to report problems you encounter.

Note that this plugin is still in beta and has not yet been validated by HashiCorp.

3DS OUTSCALE expects to release the plugin in 2020, following official validation from HashiCorp.

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