You can manage your OUTSCALE Cloud resources using AWS CLI, a command-line interface (CLI) developed by Amazon Web Services.

AWS CLI is compatible with all our AWS-compliant API services except Internal Call Unit (ICU). To send requests to the ICU service, you can use either Cockpit or OSC CLI. For more information about using Cockpit and OSC CLI, see Tutorial: Getting Started with the OUTSCALE Cloud.

For an advanced use of AWS CLI, see Advanced Use of AWS CLI for 3DS OUTSCALE.

The following procedures are available:

Installing and Configuring AWS CLI

  1. Install AWS CLI. For more information, see the official AWS CLI documentation.

  2. Type the following command in your terminal:

    $ aws configure
  3. Specify the configuration elements:

  1. This command sets up a default, unnamed profile. To set up a different, named profile for each Region that you can use, use the --profile attribute following this syntax.

    $ aws configure --profile YOUR_PROFILE


To send a request to an AWS-compliant API, specify in your command:

  • The name of a compatible AWS API (ec2, elb, iam, or directconnect).
  • (optional) The named profile using the --profile attribute.
  • The endpoint using the --endpoint attribute.
  • Any other attribute required by the command.

Request sample
$ aws ec2 describe-instances \
    --profile YOUR_PROFILE \

The following OUTSCALE services are compliant with AWS APIs:

  • FCU: ec2
  • LBU: elb
  • EIM: iam
  • DirectLink: directconnect

For more information about AWS CLI command lines, see the AWS Command Reference.

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