You can create a string to sign which contains the information of your request and the hash of the canonical request you created in Creating a Canonical Request.

You need to use this string to sign and a signing key you create later on to calculate the signature in Calculating a Signature.

To create the string to sign, you need to concatenate the following elements:

  • The signing algorithm
  • The date and time
  • The credential information
  • The hash of the canonical request

You do not need to do this procedure if you use AWS CLI or an SDK for your API request.

Before you begin: Complete the Creating a Canonical Request procedure.

  1. Specify the signing algorithm following this syntax (where \n is a newline character):

    Example of algorithm

    The signing algorithm corresponds to the function you used to calculate the hash of the canonical request. For example, if you used the SHA-256 function, the algorithm is AWS4-HMAC-SHA256.

  2. Add the date of the request following this syntax (where \n is a newline character):

    Example of request date

    This date must match the one you specified in Creating a Canonical Request and follow this format: YYYYMMDD'T'HHMMSS'Z'.

  3. Add the credential information following this syntax (where \n is a newline character):

    Example of credential information

    This string must include the following elements, separated by slash characters (/):

    • the date, in the following format: YYYYMMDD
    • the Region to which you send the request
    • the service you are requesting
    • a termination string
  4. Add the hash of the canonical request you created in Creating a Canonical Request.

    Example of hash of a canonical request

    The hashed canonical request must be lowercase base-16 encoded. For more information, see the section 8 of the RFC 4648.

    The string to sign is created.

    Example of string to sign

    You must use the string to sign to create the signature in Calculating a Signature.

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