You can configure a pre-signed URL that enables an object to be accessible through the Internet. Any user to whom you send the pre-signed URL can access the object for the time you specify.

Using a pre-signed URL, the user you send the URL to does not need any permission or authentication to download your object.

  • To configure a pre-signed URL, use the presign command following this syntax:

    $ aws s3 presign s3://BUCKET/OBJECT \
        --profile YOUR_PROFILE \
        --expires-in 3600 \
        --endpoint ENDPOINT

    • s3://BUCKET/OBJECT: The path to the object you want to share in its bucket.

    • expires-in: The time left before the URL expires, in seconds.

      The maximum duration of a pre-signed URL is:

      • For OOS: 604800 seconds (or 1 week)
      • For OSU: 31536000 seconds (or 1 year)

    The presign command returns the following element:

    • URL: The URL at which your object is available. 


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